I’m making something….


Inspired by a trip to my fabulous local fabric shop Raystich a few weeks agog specially the really cute little blocks of precut pieces of patchwork fabric that I now know are called charm packs. I decided that I would like to have a go at doing some quilting. So I got googling and found the brilliant website for Missouri Star Quilt Co. who have masses and masses of youtube tutorials available.
I also found the moda bakeshop page which is where they publish recipes (only a little bit twee) to use their precut range.
Loads of friends are expecting babies so I thought a baby quilt would be a good place to start so I chose this: pinwheel baby quilt.
I’ve found it harder than expected and have had to get to grips with lots of new kit and equipment – rotary cutters, quarter inch seam pressed feet but all in all I think it is coming together….






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