Back to Quilting (and the blog)

This blog has been sorely neglected. Life has been busy.  You know the drill.  But suddenly life is more uncertain and I’m spending a lot of time at home!

This quilt has been around for  long time.  It’s recipient is now three.   I started making it before he was born.  Oops.

I am however delighted with the way it has turned out. Yes, my free motion quilting is decidedly dodgy in places (if the folks at Bernina ever read this I would ❤️ to try a machine with the Bernina Stitch Regulator…) but don’t the colours just zing.

Pattern is Kindred Pinwheelsfrom Missouri Star Quilt Company if you follow the link it is a great example of how fabric choices can influence quilt appearance.   The version they made was all pastel nice-ness whereas my version is kickass primary colours!

It’s made from Kona solid colours – for those who haven’t met Kona there is a huge range of colours available to play with and I always have great fun picking which ones to use.  I have a colour chart at home but playing with actual fabric cannot be beaten – in non lockdown days I visit The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead who stock the whole range.

The colours I used (in case you fancy replicating the zing) were Silver,  Poppy, Orange,  Sunny, Kale,  Breakers,  Bright Periwinkle and Dark Violet.


Learning to freemotion

I did a class ages ago at the Village Haberdashery taught by Trudi Woods who blogs over at Quilting Prolifically.  Her stuff was ace.  Mine was somewhat sub-optimal so they skill lay unused.

I am having a bit of a run of baby quilts at the moment and getting them long armed is, as most quilters know, really expensive so I thought I’d give doing it myself a shot.  I’m fairly pleased with the end result – one of my friends has already kindly critiqued the flowers (bit wonky) and the stitch lengths are all over the shop but the overall effect, especially for a not particularly judgmental baby is fine.
The quilt itself was made with a bit of inspiration from Crazy Mom Quiltswho gives the measurements for the Flea Market Fancy blocks.  Her version had sashing but I omitted that.

All the fabric  came from Village Haberdashery who also colour matched the Kona for my online orders. I think they are getting to know me as they offered pastels or bright but thought I’d go bright.  How right they were.  Better get your sunglasses on! 



Summer is here.  I’ve moved house and have finally got my crafting mojo back.

I’ve spent the last few days batch making hats for work as I’ve been using them as bribes and then not delivering….

I made a dress!

Inspired by the GBSB I decided to veer away from work sewing and quilting and try my hand at dressmaking.

Stuff for little people is much more fun to make as well as being quicker and cheaper. One of my regular fabric haunts (Plush Addict) had a competition to win a pattern and the fabric to make it up with. I didn’t win but ventured along to the Compagnie M website and fell in love with several of their cute items especially the Lotta dress.

I bought and assembled the pattern, identified stash fabric and a recipient and got sewing!  It was fun. The instructions weren’t always clear. I discovered how cool the automatic button hole feature in my sewing machine is and made one major cock up which was attaching the bodice inside out but otherwise it was uneventful and I am delighted with the result, I don’t know if it fits yet, but don’t knock my bubble! 



Fashion on the Ration

I took myself off to the Imperial War Museum during the week to see their new paid for exhibition about clothing and textiles during the Second World War.

It was really interesting.  My paternal grandparents were in the RAF/WAAF respectively and as my Gran recently died seeing the WAAf uniform was particularly evocative.

There were some fabulous utility dresses on display. My perception of utility clothing was that it was dull and rap but there was a gorgeous red wool coat and some lovely dresses.  Most were however from early in the war – maybe things changed? 

There was also an interesting section on make up and hair – it was basically decreed at government level that women should be encouraged to maintain an interest in their appearance for reasons of morale. Looking at the lengths they went to they certainly out did me and I have all the comforts of a modern home and no bombs to contend with! 

Distinct lack of pictures as they weren’t allowed.  Sorry.

An overdue project

I have been using an old pair of shoes to prop open my bedroom door (essential to allow daylight into the dark and dingy hallway) since I moved into this flat.

In October 2014 I bought 

cheap rice to fill a doorstop.  I have finally got around to making the doorstop today! I used an online pattern.  It was a quick and easy sew using up some of my lovely Mormor fabric stash. 

My only complaint is that it is a bit smaller than I anticipated – only about 11cm high.  Next time I think I would scale the printing to make it a bit more substantial – all the better to hold a door open with!

Stranded Knitting

I’m knitting a lovey jumper for a friend’s little one at the moment. It is ostensibly a first birthday present but is several months late… Ho hum.

Anyway the pattern is Anders which I bought from a ravelry but it has forced me to tackle a knitting style I’ve been avoiding…stranded colour work. My lovely friend V gave me a quick tutorial before I started and I’ve consulted youtube a few times but all in all I’m pretty pleased with how it is going.  Only problem is the deadline for completion is Friday and I still need to knit both sleeves and complete a big project for work. Realistically it isn’t going to work out but I’m going to try.


I’ve had a busy week or toe shopping for fabric for my upcoming projects. I organised it all today inspired by the imminent arrival of a houseguest.  

To my eternal shame it no longer fits in the designated plastic storage box. I vowed when I started sewing I wouldn’t do this – my wool stash is too big and now it looks like my fabric stash is going the same way… 

I spy a weekend of making ahead of me!