First quilt finished

I bought a new sewing machine.

I got enticed to buy the “quilt kit” because it was a good deal and I’m Scottish so I like a good deal.

I then had a feverish outing to the lovely Raystitch forsaking even the delightful Loop in my enthusiasm and I rushed home with my gorgeous (and extravagant) fabric purchases.

I then tried to make a quilt at home and discovered it was a bit harder than I had anticipated and that online tutorials and blog help wasn’t going to cut it so I enrolled in a quilting class and this is the outcome …. It isn’t beautiful as I omitted to realise when choosing my fabrics for each block that at some point all 12 blocks would be put together. Oops. But it does combines a whole pile of different quilting techniques and I learnt a lot.  Including how tedious whip stitching binding is!

Thanks to Silvana at Beyond Fabrics for infinite patience especially when I chopped all the seam allowances off my blocks when squaring them up. That was a real learning moment and needless to say I won’t be doing it again….


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