Day trip to Bath

A lot of crafty folk have already made this journey! Or are planning to.

The reason? A retrospective of kaffe fassett’s work at the American museum just outside the city.

It was a bit of a hike to get to on public transport (sworn non car user that I am…. But I got there in eventfully via national express coach and back again via the train (latter was better and an hour faster but cost three times as much. If I hadn’t had an early work start the next day I’d have done both legs by coach).

The museum is a bit out of town. They run a shuttle bus but annoyingly a group of 14 (it seats 14) pitched up to get the scheduled departure I wanted just before me so there was no room for me, I then wandered off to get the local bus (no. 18 in the direction of the university) and discovered that this is a crazily frequent service. The museum is a brisk 10minute walk from the nearest bus stop. However, people with small children might want to think about this option carefully as you have to walk along a short stretch if rural road with no footpath.

Once inside the museum I met up with my lovely friend who lives locally(ish) and her boy. We had yummy but meagre lunch in the cafe, having just come back from the good old US of A I can firmly state that the museum is NOT Emulating the portion sizes found in the country it celebrates. On the upside we managed pudding! Something that only happened once in my week long trip to Louisiana.

However, I am digressing. The exhibition itself was smaller than I expected but a total riot of colour and there were some truly inspiring pieces. I was especially drawn to the quilted items. I’m not sure if this was because quilting is my new thing or because his knitting designs have not aged as well? Regardless I loved some of the pieces especially the blue star quilt.

An added bonus was the welcoming collection of yarn bombing that had taken place around the museum grounds. Decorated lamps, pom Pom trees and amazing handcrafted “windowbox” displays in reception.

After the museum I headed back into town and the local quilt/fabric shop, Country Threads.. It was amazing. So much fabric and very reasonably priced to my London eyes. The lady who was working (? Owner) was also welcoming, knowledgable by happy to allow uninterrupted browsing. I succumbed to some charm packs…

Rather conveniently there is also a fab knitting shop, Wool, just across the street. It had a great selection of yarns, perhaps slightly light on the artisanal dyed stuff that I love so much. In keeping with my yarn diet/ stash down I managed to keep my purse in my bag there!

All in all a very pleasant day out.









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