Learning to freemotion

I did a class ages ago at the Village Haberdashery taught by Trudi Woods who blogs over at Quilting Prolifically.  Her stuff was ace.  Mine was somewhat sub-optimal so they skill lay unused.

I am having a bit of a run of baby quilts at the moment and getting them long armed is, as most quilters know, really expensive so I thought I’d give doing it myself a shot.  I’m fairly pleased with the end result – one of my friends has already kindly critiqued the flowers (bit wonky) and the stitch lengths are all over the shop but the overall effect, especially for a not particularly judgmental baby is fine.
The quilt itself was made with a bit of inspiration from Crazy Mom Quiltswho gives the measurements for the Flea Market Fancy blocks.  Her version had sashing but I omitted that.

All the fabric  came from Village Haberdashery who also colour matched the Kona for my online orders. I think they are getting to know me as they offered pastels or bright but thought I’d go bright.  How right they were.  Better get your sunglasses on! 


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