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This blog has been sorely neglected. Life has been busy.  You know the drill.  But suddenly life is more uncertain and I’m spending a lot of time at home!

This quilt has been around for  long time.  It’s recipient is now three.   I started making it before he was born.  Oops.

I am however delighted with the way it has turned out. Yes, my free motion quilting is decidedly dodgy in places (if the folks at Bernina ever read this I would ❤️ to try a machine with the Bernina Stitch Regulator…) but don’t the colours just zing.

Pattern is Kindred Pinwheelsfrom Missouri Star Quilt Company if you follow the link it is a great example of how fabric choices can influence quilt appearance.   The version they made was all pastel nice-ness whereas my version is kickass primary colours!

It’s made from Kona solid colours – for those who haven’t met Kona there is a huge range of colours available to play with and I always have great fun picking which ones to use.  I have a colour chart at home but playing with actual fabric cannot be beaten – in non lockdown days I visit The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead who stock the whole range.

The colours I used (in case you fancy replicating the zing) were Silver,  Poppy, Orange,  Sunny, Kale,  Breakers,  Bright Periwinkle and Dark Violet.


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