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Choices choices

I’ve finished my latest quilt top after declaring last weekend a stress busting sewing weekend.
It is a modabakeshop pattern from their flashback Friday series called windy days. It was nice and easy to out together and I’m really pleased that the pinwheels a re markedly better than those on my first ever quilt!
Now I’m swithering about colours for the binding and background. It is Christmas fabric but not overtly so. I’m contemplating mirroring the bright green or bright blue? It is destined for a home with small children so I fear grey may be too pale!



Today I sewed a rainbow

This quilt really started 2 years ago when I went to the lovely but crazily mad wedding celebration for two of my friends. They were moving abroad and didn’t want gifts. I always Thoth I would craft them something but didn’t really decide what.

Fast forward two years – I’ve stared quilting, they are on their way back from he sunny antipodes to cold old Scotland and I chanced upon a very sunny jelly roll pack of batik fabric in a quilt shop. The rainbow quilt was conceived.

It is a very simple stacked coin design with white sashing and I’m just putting the finishing touches to the pieced back before I send it off to be quilted – it is much too big to do myself.

If you want to replicate this it was fairly straightforward. I stitched 17 jelly roll strips together to form a square (I could have stitched all 34 together but it was starting to get unwieldy). My strips irritatingly were not a uniform length so I had to be careful not to a stretch them.

I then chopped the strip fabric into 7″ wide columns. I got 12 in total. I then stitched the columns together to make a continuous loop of fabric.

Deciding where to unpick to form each column for the quilt was fun but slightly daunting.

Once I had 6 columns made up of 34 coins I joined the white sashing. Each strip is 5.5″ wide (so the visible width is 5″ once the top was assembled).

The borders were cut to 12″.



Quilt 1.5

I started this quilt top before I did my quilting class. Consequently it is full of mistakes but the overall effect is still pleasing (I think). It is made from a moda charm pack (rainy day) and some solid white quilting cotton. I was then scared to sandwich or quilt it ’till after my quilting class so here it is!

IMG_0101.JPG I also attempted to make my own bias binding using several online tutorials…unfortunately I got muddled up and cut the fabric not on the bias. Annoyingly I realised too late and did not have enough fabric left to redo this so I have used it defiantly. ┬áThe quilt of errors! Quilting was pretty scary as I’m still a novice and didn’t feel up to attempting free motion on my machine so I did some simple straight lines but after completing it I realised I should have googled more enthusiastically for inspiration. All in all this was a learning experience.