Car free cornwall – day 1

Based in St ives the logical place to go to ( excluding St Ives itself) is probably lands end. So off I toddled to get the bus…
First Cornwall very conveniently run a round scenic bus route St Ives-Lands End- Penzance – St Ives however I had also heard that there was a newish award winning museum at Porthcarno about telegraphy and I really wantd to go. For those who haven’t red much of my blog or met me in real life I love museums!

This led to an anxious few hours (and yes I mean hours) studying the bus timetable booklet trying to work out a way to get enough time at Portcarno to see the museum and still be able to get back to St Ives.

I finally Sussed it (it involved going to Penzance first and then to Porthcarno) so off I set.

First lesson was that open top buses are chilly places and mess your hair up – couldn’t do much about my hair after the event but from then onwards I always wrapped my hair in a buff, but the cold I could tackle. Myfirst port of call in Penzance was to buy a rather fetching tunic top fromseasalt.

Love it and it was a useful souvenir which suits my holiday agenda.

Telegraphy museum was fab. Really worth visiting. I really hadn’t appreciated the impact of telegraphy or separated it in my mind from radio (doh!) soI learnt a lot.

A special mention should go to the cafe I had a totally unexpected and amazingly good freshly cooked burger with lovely homemade potato salad

I then had a meander down to the beautiful beach to admire the cables coming in from all over the globe. Very humbling to think these were originally laid with very primitive 19th century technology.

Then it was time to head off to Land’s End. To be honest ai was expected a horror of tackiness. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it sadly the weather had closed in so the view was slightly sub- optimal. I enjoyed the exhibition about all the different JOGLE’s and there was quite a cool time lapse video sequence of the entire route filmed from a landrover.

I had a quick ice cream and headed back off on the vintage bus to St. Ives. Where I have to confess I fell asleep but not before I admired the lovely beach at Sennen Cove and the desolate moorland of the Tin Coast. It was quite reminiscent of home (Scotland) tbh.

And here endeth day 1. I think I achieved quite a lot without a car!

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