Cornwall without a car…

I went car free when I moved into central London. It was a bit odd to no longer have a car after 15years of continuous car ownership. I haven’t missed my car much at all and use zip car (a car sharing scheme) when I need one for trips to ikea. Ocado have more than compensated for not being able to drive to the supermarket and my other major usage was rather embarrassingly driving to the gym. The gym is now in the basement, so I wouldn’t be able to drive even if I had a car.

However, holiday posed a different problem. I love cornwall and really wanted to go there but everyone I spoke to was definite that I would need to hire a car. Being a contrary sort this made me even more determined to NOt hire one…

I elected to do a two site holiday to maximise the places I could visit and visit places I have done. So Cornwall without a car is eminently do-able and I’ll bore you with each day in due course. However my top tip is a 7 day bus ticket from First. It cost 25 pounds and has now disintegrated to the point I had to be given a special plastic wallet to put the fragments in!

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