Fashion on the Ration

I took myself off to the Imperial War Museum during the week to see their new paid for exhibition about clothing and textiles during the Second World War.

It was really interesting.  My paternal grandparents were in the RAF/WAAF respectively and as my Gran recently died seeing the WAAf uniform was particularly evocative.

There were some fabulous utility dresses on display. My perception of utility clothing was that it was dull and rap but there was a gorgeous red wool coat and some lovely dresses.  Most were however from early in the war – maybe things changed? 

There was also an interesting section on make up and hair – it was basically decreed at government level that women should be encouraged to maintain an interest in their appearance for reasons of morale. Looking at the lengths they went to they certainly out did me and I have all the comforts of a modern home and no bombs to contend with! 

Distinct lack of pictures as they weren’t allowed.  Sorry.

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