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Today I sewed a rainbow

This quilt really started 2 years ago when I went to the lovely but crazily mad wedding celebration for two of my friends. They were moving abroad and didn’t want gifts. I always Thoth I would craft them something but didn’t really decide what.

Fast forward two years – I’ve stared quilting, they are on their way back from he sunny antipodes to cold old Scotland and I chanced upon a very sunny jelly roll pack of batik fabric in a quilt shop. The rainbow quilt was conceived.

It is a very simple stacked coin design with white sashing and I’m just putting the finishing touches to the pieced back before I send it off to be quilted – it is much too big to do myself.

If you want to replicate this it was fairly straightforward. I stitched 17 jelly roll strips together to form a square (I could have stitched all 34 together but it was starting to get unwieldy). My strips irritatingly were not a uniform length so I had to be careful not to a stretch them.

I then chopped the strip fabric into 7″ wide columns. I got 12 in total. I then stitched the columns together to make a continuous loop of fabric.

Deciding where to unpick to form each column for the quilt was fun but slightly daunting.

Once I had 6 columns made up of 34 coins I joined the white sashing. Each strip is 5.5″ wide (so the visible width is 5″ once the top was assembled).

The borders were cut to 12″.



Quilt 3

An unusual weekend with no work and no social commitments beckoned. So I whipped out my sewing machine, some of the fabric I’ve been collecting and perused the Moda Bake Shop website and settled on a design for another baby quilt. The one I used is called Story book star. It was a simple design to make and in less than 6 hours (remember I’m still learning how to do this) with only a little bit of ripping I had a quilt top.


The came the fun bit choosing the backing fabric and binding. After my last disastrous attempt at making bias binding (the non bias bias binding affair) I opted to have a second attempt in order to perfect the skill.

My backing, batting and binding fabric have now arrived. I just need to find the time to use them. Maybe next weekend…

Quilt 1.5

I started this quilt top before I did my quilting class. Consequently it is full of mistakes but the overall effect is still pleasing (I think). It is made from a moda charm pack (rainy day) and some solid white quilting cotton. I was then scared to sandwich or quilt it ’till after my quilting class so here it is!

IMG_0101.JPG I also attempted to make my own bias binding using several online tutorials…unfortunately I got muddled up and cut the fabric not on the bias. Annoyingly I realised too late and did not have enough fabric left to redo this so I have used it defiantly.  The quilt of errors! Quilting was pretty scary as I’m still a novice and didn’t feel up to attempting free motion on my machine so I did some simple straight lines but after completing it I realised I should have googled more enthusiastically for inspiration. All in all this was a learning experience.

First quilt finished

I bought a new sewing machine.

I got enticed to buy the “quilt kit” because it was a good deal and I’m Scottish so I like a good deal.

I then had a feverish outing to the lovely Raystitch forsaking even the delightful Loop in my enthusiasm and I rushed home with my gorgeous (and extravagant) fabric purchases.

I then tried to make a quilt at home and discovered it was a bit harder than I had anticipated and that online tutorials and blog help wasn’t going to cut it so I enrolled in a quilting class and this is the outcome …. It isn’t beautiful as I omitted to realise when choosing my fabrics for each block that at some point all 12 blocks would be put together. Oops. But it does combines a whole pile of different quilting techniques and I learnt a lot.  Including how tedious whip stitching binding is!

Thanks to Silvana at Beyond Fabrics for infinite patience especially when I chopped all the seam allowances off my blocks when squaring them up. That was a real learning moment and needless to say I won’t be doing it again….