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A saviour in a silver canister

A busy weekend.  Lots to do.  Personal (as opposed to public) transport required and then disaster struck – a flattish tyre on my bicycle. 

Now my bicycle has ridiculously high pressure road tyres (105psi) and you cannot, well I cannot, generate that pressure using a hand pump.  I used to own a track pump – think old fashioned, cartoon-esque stirrup pump – but the last time I moved I donated it to my brother so I had a big dilemma on my hands.   

However a bit of strategic googling revealed a hidden cyclists resource – free on street bicycle pumps!  I therefore went in search of one in a convenient location and I found it with a bit of help from the lovely car park attendant.   Hidden away right at the end of  the underground car park on London Wall (which is I have to say a very fancy car park replete with brilliant lighting, electric car charge points and double decker cycle racks) is a free-to-use cycle pump.    There is apparently also one in the Baynard Street Car Park but I haven’t been to check.   Yet!

I suspect this won’t be my last visit.  Thanks City of London.