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Art of the Brick

An exhibition of art made entirely of Lego bricks. I’m still not entirely sure whether the work displayed was art – there were some copies of famous art works, some replicas of objects and some other things. You should probably go to make up your own mind.

It was interesting though and the flexibility of Lego never ceases to amaze although admittedly it is probably much easier to build stuff with an unlimited supply in colour coded bins stuffed full of pieces!

I went with some borrowed children (5&7) and the seemed to enjoy themselves although the build your own section at the end may have been the highlight of their trip.

Whatever you do don’t buy Lego souvenirs there the mark up was outrageous and disappointing.










Well I finally managed along to the John Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican.

I was pleasantly surprised at how big it was and quite how much stuff there was – I have Barbican membership so I may well go back for a second look round.

There is a free app to accompany the exhibition which I would recommend downloading. There is free wifi in the Barbican but it is slow-slow-slow so it might be worth doing before you leave home.


A saviour in a silver canister

A busy weekend.  Lots to do.  Personal (as opposed to public) transport required and then disaster struck – a flattish tyre on my bicycle. 

Now my bicycle has ridiculously high pressure road tyres (105psi) and you cannot, well I cannot, generate that pressure using a hand pump.  I used to own a track pump – think old fashioned, cartoon-esque stirrup pump – but the last time I moved I donated it to my brother so I had a big dilemma on my hands.   

However a bit of strategic googling revealed a hidden cyclists resource – free on street bicycle pumps!  I therefore went in search of one in a convenient location and I found it with a bit of help from the lovely car park attendant.   Hidden away right at the end of  the underground car park on London Wall (which is I have to say a very fancy car park replete with brilliant lighting, electric car charge points and double decker cycle racks) is a free-to-use cycle pump.    There is apparently also one in the Baynard Street Car Park but I haven’t been to check.   Yet!

I suspect this won’t be my last visit.  Thanks City of London. 



I’ve always thought having a blog was slightly narcissistic (sorry bloggers) but over the past few years I’ve come to realise that is too simplistic a viewpoint.  I have come to rely more and more on youtube videos and blog type instructions to learn new skills.  These have primarily been craft based – crocheting (Attic 24) and knitting (yarnharlot, kate daviescrafts from the cwtch) but some professional skills have snuck in too.  I’ve just bought a new sewing machine and am keen to enhance my skills so have been frantically googling away and have already found a few machine happy gurus.

Therefore I suspect  you can brace yourself for a few cackhanded sewing projects and some hopefully more assured knitting.

In addition, I fervently enjoy living in London therefore I also want to use this blog as a platform to highlight some of the many and varied events this crazy big city offers.    Again this in influenced by my own increasing usage of other blogs, websites and “unofficial” information sources.

There is one thing I’m really keen to do though and that is to keep this blog about my life outside work.  If you think you recognise me please don’t blow my cover!