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Too many projects on the go…

I don’t normally do this but I’ve got project overload at the moment but am enjoying it.

My jumper


The jumper for me (that seems to be never ending but at least now is long enough to cover my nipples, perhaps TMI!).


Another neighborly as they are super cute for a friends 3 yo who needs wrapped in love as she and her Ma have had a tough old time.


AND then there is my lace. However, I’m only at the boring bit  so it is currently my travel knitting.  I did have an expedition into covent garden though to choose some beautiful beads and buy the worlds smallest crochet hook so watch this space for future beading adventures!


I’ve always thought having a blog was slightly narcissistic (sorry bloggers) but over the past few years I’ve come to realise that is too simplistic a viewpoint.  I have come to rely more and more on youtube videos and blog type instructions to learn new skills.  These have primarily been craft based – crocheting (Attic 24) and knitting (yarnharlot, kate daviescrafts from the cwtch) but some professional skills have snuck in too.  I’ve just bought a new sewing machine and am keen to enhance my skills so have been frantically googling away and have already found a few machine happy gurus.

Therefore I suspect  you can brace yourself for a few cackhanded sewing projects and some hopefully more assured knitting.

In addition, I fervently enjoy living in London therefore I also want to use this blog as a platform to highlight some of the many and varied events this crazy big city offers.    Again this in influenced by my own increasing usage of other blogs, websites and “unofficial” information sources.

There is one thing I’m really keen to do though and that is to keep this blog about my life outside work.  If you think you recognise me please don’t blow my cover!