An overdue project

I have been using an old pair of shoes to prop open my bedroom door (essential to allow daylight into the dark and dingy hallway) since I moved into this flat.

In October 2014 I bought 

cheap rice to fill a doorstop.  I have finally got around to making the doorstop today! I used an online pattern.  It was a quick and easy sew using up some of my lovely Mormor fabric stash. 

My only complaint is that it is a bit smaller than I anticipated – only about 11cm high.  Next time I think I would scale the printing to make it a bit more substantial – all the better to hold a door open with!

Stranded Knitting

I’m knitting a lovey jumper for a friend’s little one at the moment. It is ostensibly a first birthday present but is several months late… Ho hum.

Anyway the pattern is Anders which I bought from a ravelry but it has forced me to tackle a knitting style I’ve been avoiding…stranded colour work. My lovely friend V gave me a quick tutorial before I started and I’ve consulted youtube a few times but all in all I’m pretty pleased with how it is going.  Only problem is the deadline for completion is Friday and I still need to knit both sleeves and complete a big project for work. Realistically it isn’t going to work out but I’m going to try.


I’ve had a busy week or toe shopping for fabric for my upcoming projects. I organised it all today inspired by the imminent arrival of a houseguest.  

To my eternal shame it no longer fits in the designated plastic storage box. I vowed when I started sewing I wouldn’t do this – my wool stash is too big and now it looks like my fabric stash is going the same way… 

I spy a weekend of making ahead of me!

Choices choices

I’ve finished my latest quilt top after declaring last weekend a stress busting sewing weekend.
It is a modabakeshop pattern from their flashback Friday series called windy days. It was nice and easy to out together and I’m really pleased that the pinwheels a re markedly better than those on my first ever quilt!
Now I’m swithering about colours for the binding and background. It is Christmas fabric but not overtly so. I’m contemplating mirroring the bright green or bright blue? It is destined for a home with small children so I fear grey may be too pale!



My quilt is famous!

Or so it seems.

I sent my big rainbow quilt off to the lovely Kay Bell (who trades as borderlinequilter) and she has blogged about it on her lovely blog.

I am delighted with her quilting and massively chuffed to see my work on her site.